TÄHTIS ON ALUSPESU: trikk, kuidas oma tagumikku fotodel trimmis ja treenituna näidata

Instagrami staar õpetab ühe lihtsa triki, kuidas aluspesus poseerides oma peput eriti pringi ja treenituna näidata. Kusjuures - kõige olulisem ongi selle juures su aluspesu!

Fitnessiga tegelev trimmis Sia Cooper paljastab enda ja paljude teiste blogijate salajase nipi, kuidas nad oma kannikaid fotodel veelgi ahvatlevamateks muudavad, kirjutab The Sun.

Võiks arvata, et see eeldab tunde jõusaalis rassimist ja pidevalt kükkide tegemist, kuid ei.

Sia sõnul on nipp selles, et aluspesu tuleb võimalikult kõrgele tõmmata, et kannikad paljastuksid. See loob illusiooni, et sul on peenike vöökoht ja suurem tagumik.

Võid õppust talt endalt võtta!

Vaata SIIT!


So you wanna shape up and tone your bum? Here’s how! 🍑🍑🍑 1. Activate your glutes. One way that we can help increase the amount of work done by our glute muscles is by doing glute activation exercises before we start our workout. As you know, one of the purposes of a warm up is to increase “muscle firing”, which is basically our brain telling our muscles to wake up and get ready to exercise. Glute activation exercises are much like a warm up, except that they’re focussed specifically on waking up your glute muscles. Try moves such as bridges, donkey kicks, hip thrusts, and deadlifts to help target that muscle alone. 2. Pre-exhaust your glutes prior to training. This is accomplished by exhausting that muscle prior to beginning the workout through isolating exercises. Then, during the workout and other compound movements (compound movements are those that recruit multiple muscle groups), that targeted muscle that was exhausted is forced to work even harder to carry out the movement, equating to deeper muscle stimulation and breakdown (=results).I typically suggest beginning with 2 exercises and performing 3 sets of 15-20 reps of each. So, for glute isolating exercises, you may choose resistance band X walks, glute bridges, donkey kicks, cable/resistance band kickbacks, or the abductor machine. Then, proceed into your regular leg workout. You will notice you’re glutes are more activated that usual in movements like squats, lunges and the leg press. 3. Eat more! Eat healthy sources of protein, carbs and fat. Protein helps rebuild broken down muscle tissue, carbs give your body needed energy for workouts and fat boosts your body's output of testosterone -- a muscle-promoting hormone. Cover all of these bases with foods like fruits, vegetables, lean beef, chicken breasts, low-fat dairy, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds.Consume meals throughout the day. Frequent eating will give your muscles a constant supply of nutrients, elevate your energy levels and also make it easier to eat more calories. Have your first meal as soon as you get up and continue to eat every two to three hours. Include protein with each meal. A tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread works!

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